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  Stage trick : Enhance the ambiance with THE RIGHT TINT

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PostSubject: Stage trick : Enhance the ambiance with THE RIGHT TINT   June 11th 2012, 6:31 pm

Quote :
Thanks to Exshadow a long time ago, I learnt to apply a tint in a stage to emphasize the ambiance.

A tint is a colored layer that you apply on the stage with " layerno = 1" , and transparency obtained with "Trans = add / addalpha + alpha settings" , to affect the overall color of the screen to make it looks, for example, more orange, to imitate the influence of the sunlight during a sunset, or more blue to imitate the influence of the moonlight if the stage takes place outside during the night.

I use this technic since awhile but i only found out just now how to do it properly.

example -

Here, the stage takes place during the night so i wanted characters to have their overall colors looking more blue, it's particularly visible for characters with white clothes.

Quoted from JeanBureau's post at Newage Mugen.

A simple tutorial made by JeanBureau that can make a BIG difference when it comes to making stages.
Credits to him.

Any questions? you can ask me. Very Happy
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Stage trick : Enhance the ambiance with THE RIGHT TINT
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