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 [Tutorial] How to loop Particle Illusion animation

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] How to loop Particle Illusion animation   June 11th 2012, 7:01 pm

Quote :
Alright you faggots

I guess i would have had to make this one day or another.

For this you need a video editor. Me I work with Sony Vegas Pro 9.

for this tutorial we are going to assume this:
--> You just created your 100 frames animation in AVI format "full frames uncompressed"

Now open your AVI file with the video editor:

Copy and Paste the video on the same track to have 2 videos

Crossfade the videos and check how many frames exactly does the crossfade contains (here we are going to assume the crossfade is 30 frames long)

Cut the part after the crossfade, and the beginning of the first video by the same amount of frames as the crossfade (so here it will be 30 frames)

You must end up with 70 frames exactly in this case, otherwise you did something wrong.

SAVE AS "IMAGE SEQUENCE" in a folder. You will obtain for example, 70 images in PNG / BMP format. These images are the images of your new perfect lopped animation. (obviously you will have to turn them into pcx later but it's very easy if you batch process it)

One last tutorial made by JeanBureau. I'm glad that he shared this because this really solved my problem with Particle Illusion.
Anyways, hope it helped. Very Happy
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[Tutorial] How to loop Particle Illusion animation
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