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 Video Win - screen resolution (windowed or fullscreen)

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Video Win - screen resolution (windowed or fullscreen) Empty
PostSubject: Video Win - screen resolution (windowed or fullscreen)   Video Win - screen resolution (windowed or fullscreen) Icon_minitimeMarch 13th 2009, 4:28 pm

edit in notepad the mugen.cfg
look under Video Win

[Video Win]
;Enter the width and height of the resolution you want to set here.
;The optimal resolution is 320x240, but if your video card has problems
;You may want to try 640x480.
Width = 320
Height = 240

DXmode = Windowed

change the red text by...
Hardware and Software
-run in full screen.
Windowed and Overlay
-run in a window.

If hardware, software and windowed fail try "Safe"
Use "None" only if you cannot get anything else to work.

Note: Overlay is not supported by all videocards, but can be faster than windowed if it works.

Depth = 16
16-fastest, 24,32-slower, 8-slowest/worst
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Video Win - screen resolution (windowed or fullscreen)
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