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 Misconcept about Facebook Freezer

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Academy Student (newbie)
Academy Student (newbie)

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Misconcept about Facebook Freezer Empty
PostSubject: Misconcept about Facebook Freezer   Misconcept about Facebook Freezer Icon_minitimeJanuary 10th 2010, 8:46 pm

Facebook Freezer let's you freeze Facebook, Windows Live, and YouTube accounts. and not to hacked your password account.. Evil or Very Mad
A malicious program designed to repeatedly lock you out of your various accounts.
In time honoured tradition.

How it Works:
Many sites have a feature that after XX amount of invalid logins (usually around 20-25, but this program does 30 just for good measure), the account is either disabled for an allotted amount of time (an hour or so, depending on the site), or the account is disabled until reset through the user's email. This program basically spams the login (with invalid logins of course...), until the account is disabled. Twisted Evil

NOTE: But in Facebook, if the victim after the attack and the freezing, enter your email and password correctly you can normally access your Facebook account. lol!

Now' you think it's useless? think again. Exclamation
Useless for you but for others it's useful cheers
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Genin 下忍
Genin 下忍

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Misconcept about Facebook Freezer Empty
PostSubject: Re: Misconcept about Facebook Freezer   Misconcept about Facebook Freezer Icon_minitimeMarch 6th 2010, 10:30 am

ah ok
thanks for the info dude
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Misconcept about Facebook Freezer
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