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 Disgaea Screen pack 1.0

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Chunin 中忍
Chunin 中忍

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Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Left_bar_bleue6/10Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Empty_bar_bleue  (6/10)
Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Left_bar_bleue6/10Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Empty_bar_bleue  (6/10)
Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Left_bar_bleue6/10Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Empty_bar_bleue  (6/10)

Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Empty
PostSubject: Disgaea Screen pack 1.0   Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Icon_minitimeJanuary 8th 2012, 1:57 pm

Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Mugen002-5

Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Mugen003-3

Disgaea Screen pack 1.0 Mugen004-5

147 Character Slot

615 Character Slot

Custom Port 36 Character Slot




This is a Disgaea themed screenpack for MUGEN 1.0 only

Sp Resolution 640x480

Included in this SP:

3 motifs
147 slots
615 slots
and a custom select screen with 36 slots

a customized FFT lifebars [For regular character portrait and custom char portrait for custom users]

Prinny Camp by Ryon
Zenon's Palace by O Ilusionista
2 Bonus stages by Zinesis

I would have made this into a fullgame if only there were more Disgaea char available in mugen.
I may or may not make an ultimate version of this later as a fullgame.


Laharl for providing ideas on the screenpack looks and bgms.

Ryon for the tips and also most of the codes is based on the MFFA V4 sp lol
and thank you also for allowing me to include the Prinny Camp stage for this release.

O Ilusionista for allowing me to include his creation the Zenon's Palace stage.

Cybaster for creating the wonderful Automatic Stage Creation Program tool.

To change motifs open mugen.cfg on the data folder and look for this

motif = data/system.def
;motif = data/147 slots/system.def [This is the back up folder of the default motif]
;motif = data/615 slots/system.def
;motif = data/Custom/system.def

the default motif is the 147 slots as mentioned above to change slots just remove the semicolon of the desired motif and put a semicolon to the old one

each motif have their select.def so you must input your character there

For the custom character select two template for the custom portrait has been included - 9000,1 and 9000,2

Btw this was really meant for custom select motif so the big port of the regular motifs kinda blurry.
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Disgaea Screen pack 1.0
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